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Clothes manufacturing

Our associate and main supplier is TORAY SHANGHAI and TORAY JIFA, (CHINA), subsidiaries of the Japanese company Toray Industries LTD, founded in 1926.

For years, TORAY has been a leading company in quality fabric products made of polyester and fabric for shirt-making and casual-wear in cotton and polyester /cotton, as well as technical fabrics for sportswear and working clothes. Making of all types of garments in China and in factories belonging to the same group located in other south-east Asian countries. It owns an industrial estate on the outskirts of Shanghai, for large-scale weaving and clothes manufacturing; thus achieving the excellent Japanese quality at more competitive costs.

We also work with important and responsible companies in Bangladesh. In this country, we represent high quality clothing factories with modern machinery, duly audited and with certificates proving compliance with international health and safety at work regulations as well as child labour.

As well as offering very competitive prices, all garments imported from this country have the GSP certificate, which means that they are free from import duties on arrival at the European Union customs.  

All types of fabrics and compositions can be used, which are mainly of Chinese origin, and they are supplied by clothes manufacturers who make the garment, and sometimes also our clients. With our experience of 320,000 garments manufactured in 2014, we can make all types, for street or work use, and which are mainly:  

  • Dress and work shirts (Waiters, security, etc.
  • Knitted garments in wool or acrylic. (Jerseys, cardigans)
  • High quality men's suits, dress and casual trousers. (chinos type, etc..)
  • Suit jackets. Ladies skirts (street, catering)
  • Work clothes for cooks, designer or basic
  • Work clothes for waiters /waitresses and catering sector.  (maître uniforms, hotel reception, trousers for waiters / waitresses etc.)
  • Polo shorts and all types of 100% cotton woven garments

Clothes manufacturing in England in collaboration with Toray Textiles Europe Ltd. and in China with all European Certificates.

Manufacturing of healthcare and “clean room” garments with the fabric made by Toray Textiles Europe;  doctors' and nurses' gowns, surgical gowns, surgical drapes, all with class 1 licence by the British Ministry of Health, for use in operating theatres all over the European Union.

Years of work and collaboration enable your clothes to be adapted exactly to the models supplied by the client. With the strongest guarantee regarding both confidentiality and exclusivity in the models manufactured as well as the quality of the final product.

We have also been working in the clothes manufacturing world for several years, supporting our clients in the import formalities for their finished garments. For this purpose, though our portfolio of suppliers, diversified all over Asia, we look for the best formula for each client, from the choice of fabric to the final manufacturing of the garment, merging the entire production process in a single operation and in a customised manner.