Who we are

What makes us different

Personalised relationship

Our workforce deals with clients in a personalised manner, in order to know their exact needs and specifications and offer them a better service, thus making everyday work more efficient and pleasant. To find common ground and facilitate work, accompanying our clients in visits to our suppliers, if required.

Quality Control

When choosing our suppliers, our aim is to achieve a balanced and coherent combination of Quality and Price. In addition, through our offices in Shanghai (China), Penang (Malaysia) and Daka (Bangladesh), we select competitive quality, supervise orders and ensure that our clients receive ‘their product’ with the desired quality.

Years of experience

More than 25 years of experience, working in the textile sector for the Spanish market. Practice has enabled us to know the needs and requirements of the markets where our clients operate.

A constant and close trust-based relationship with our suppliers has enabled them to know and adopt the best work practices for our market.